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This is a place where Full Figured Girls can come and share their beautiful bodies with the world!! This community is still under construction and I hope to get it looking really good sooner or later. If you have suggestions on anything, back round, text, icon.... ect... ect... email me at Full_Figured_Girls@yahoo.com Thanks and enjoy yourself!!!

Please us a LJ Cut when posting pictures!!! THANKS!!! P.S. Dont feel obligated to post nude pictures if you don't want too. ALL pictures are welcome!!

How To Use And LJ Cut

Another thing to let you all in on. I am not a prick in any way possible. If you would like to do a text only post, stories, thanking the girls here or anything else please go ahead. Dont be afraid I am not some Nazi like a few other Mods I have met!! ENJOY!!!!

Mods: full_figured thedeltaofvenus

Read the rules before trying to join.
There are 5 simple rules.

1) You must be 18 or older to be a member or post pictures in this community. (YOU MUST HAVE FULL BIRTH DATE LISTED IN YOUR LIVE JOURNAL USER INFO)

2) You may NOT post pictures that are not of your body. While couples are welcomed here no solo dick pictures and if you aren't full figured, PLEASE don't post.

3) You may NOT take pictures from here that ARE NOT YOUR OWN and use them on other journals, web sites, or photo hosting sites.

4) Dont' be an asshole. If you want to be an asshole please go somewhere else.

5) The mods have the right to delete any posts or comments that they don't agree with.